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  • Here's a little video

    What even is a Pioneer Missioner in the Town Centre?

  • Alex Brown

    Alex is a freshly ordained (as of 4 October 2017) Church of England minister.

    He's very excited to be able to work with the 16-30 age bracket and in particular wants to meet people who don't really do church regularly, but are interested in spirituality, God, life, the universe and everything.

    A community of people

    Eventually this will be about a community.

    The aim for the future is that we form a strong community of 16-30 year olds (predominantly) who are interested in outworking faith but really have little or no connection/interest in established forms of church. We will figure out what that looks like depending on who those people are, their interests, social needs, and guidance from a few sources.

    Rev. Alex Brown

    Pioneer Minister, Douglas

    At the moment, the Douglas part of a bigger project isn't a community ... it's Alex.

    Alex loves creating and trying out new things. His background has been in teaching, developing a local charity, writing books, Bible study notes, plays, dramas and study material, recruiting and training volunteers, teaching the Bible at degree level, and training adults.

    He is super excited to be able to use all of his skills to network churches together and serve the Island he loves.

  • John's Gospel Performance

    This Easter, experience the Christian story like never before.

    A one-man show, taken directly from the Gospel of John.

    Alex ends a four year adventure-challenge of staging each of the Gospels as a one-man show. Starting by performing Mark in 2015, he moved on to Luke in 2016 and Matthew in 2017. This year ends the project, with the Gospel which has been called the "Maverick Gospel" because it is so startlingly different and deeply spiritually driven.


    Feel free to come to one of the free performances, to understand the Christian story in a fresh and engaging way.

  • Gospel of John pop-up site

    Click here if you're interested in more information about the Gospel of John performances.

    Here you'll find links to the facebook events for each performance too.

  • 12 Values

    Pioneer Douglas is patiently and prayerfully developing a set of key values. Here is our first stab, although they are not in priority order, just the order that happened to come out here. Actually, they all inform each other.



    In all we do, we want the Christian faith to inform our actions and reactions, motives and mission. This is why prayer, listening to God, and having the courage to risk new things are important.



    We should be expecting God to move and work today in the lives of everyone we meet. This comes in tiny, unnoticed changes as well as sometimes in large, clearly miraculous events. We should be expecting them all.



    God passionately cares about all humanity, whether or not they choose to believe, and as such we too are concerned about social, mental and community health as much as helping people know God personally.



    Since God gives people room to make mistakes, we want to do this too, for ourselves and for others. No one is perfect.



    We believe that a rounded view of discipleship (growing to know Jesus personally, and follow him as part of a faith-community) is a life-long process. We want to help people be transformed, not focus on getting people to events.



    God seems to use communities to shape, develop and support people. So, church is important, but so are other groups and communities. God does not work exclusively through Christian groups.



    We should look hopefully toward a better future for the Island and the church. God is for humanity and for this island, not against humanity. Therefore the way things are now does not have to be the way things have to remain.



    The Bible speaks about God giving different people different gifts in order for us to have to work together. We need to value diversity in all its best forms and need to release people into the ways God is calling them to serve and act. Whatever we co-create will not be about serving our programmes, but about releasing people. One group, one denomination, one individual without the rest of the picture is only part of the answer.



    We need to love and study the Bible to bits. It still speaks, transforms and informs us today. It's not simple, but neither is the world.



    God has given us minds, and we need to use them, so as well as listening for God to speak, it's right to think through what we hear and do it well. We value discussion, reflection, planning, strategy and clarity. Faith in action doesn't have to be uninformed.



    We believe that God wants to raise up a new generation of people passionate about their fresh and living faith, passionate to impact the planet, and passionate to worship.



    We live in a world filled with noise and pressure. We believe that passionate worship and living needs to be coupled with peace as well as joy.


    It is important for us to express worshipful living vibrantly, but God has wired humanity to also “be still and know” that He is God. We will take people as they are and allow them to be in the season God is taking them through without judgement. We refuse to generate a performance-based spirituality.

  • Contacting Alex

    Go on, send me a message and link up for a chat some time.

    You + us = awesome.

  • Facebook

    Alex would love to talk to as many people as possible about what they think about Douglas, Church, God, Spirituality, and how it all connects together. If you would be willing to meet him for an informal coffee, a natter, maybe to pray, maybe to just help him think through stuff, please do contact him by connecting below through Facebook (or sending him a message in the section above this one - that's ye olde fashioned email stuff).

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