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    What even is a Pioneer Missioner in the Town Centre?

  • Building community

    One of the things we're trying to do is to build one or more communities of people who want to both grow upward in a relationship with God and outward to serve the world we live in (in this case, Douglas).

    Douglas Churches Town Centre Partnership

    Alex Brown in particular is managed both by the Anglican Church (Church of England) and by the DCTCP. As a group of churches (all the churches of the major denominations in Douglas and the wider area) Alex's role is to network them together to enable the wider church body to love and serve the needs of Douglas.

    Pioneering a fresh way of being Church

    As part of the whole package we expect that there will be people who are interested in exploring faith and spirituality from a Christian worldview, but don't, won't or can't fit into the models of faith that organised religion / established church create. There are literally thousands of people who frequently say, "I believe in God, I just don't do organised/formal religion". How can we re-imagine the best of the ancient in a new, fresh way?

    Exploring new ways of growing

    As part of what we're doing, we're experimenting with fresh ways to communicate faith and discuss faith together. We try to release good quality online content ahead meeting together (and we're not the only ones doing this either!), so that we can be thinking about it all week. That way, when we get together, we can all input what we've been thinking about, how God might have been speaking to us, we can bring something creative, or simply have had the thoughts buzzing about. Our videos are in the MEDIA section below. Feel free to watch them, interact, share them, and use them in any way you think will help deepen peoples spiritual walk.

    ASSENT inter-church worship

    We're trying to bring churches together regularly simply to worship together in a vibrant setting. The idea is that these are welcoming, non-judgemental, open meetings, designed to either help you explore spirituality, deepen faith, and meet other people. Each one will have music (with a play-list available online before hand), stories of God at work today from local people, a great talk from the Bible, and a chance to pray with people too. They'll be lively and engaging, but not like a full-on rock concert. People can engage at the level they're at, join in with as much as they feel they can, and hopefully leave feeling like they had a genuine experience of God. There's a link above to the Facebook page, where all the details of new events, and playlists are kept (ASSENT).

  • 10 Values

    Pioneer Douglas is patiently and prayerfully developing a set of key values. Here is our latest offering, all of which talk to each other, but are in some kind of order.



    Love has to be the first and founding value - love for God and love for the world we live in. Love is the principle characteristic of God, and where we cease to be loving, we miss the point.



    We want to recognise the presence of God all over the place. In the faces of the hungry, lonely or broken. In the love demonstrated by volunteers, charities and organisations. In the art, music and poetry people produce - we want to be people who watch for God's presence, listen for his whispers and respond to them.



    We want to be people who love and respect the Bible. It's far from simple, but so is the world we live in. We want to understand it, trust it, question it, and ultimately allow God to speak to us through it for this generation in this culture.



    We want to be the kind of people who build healthy communities in everything we do. We would love to enable, grow and flourish existing communities, and raise up some new ones which bring people to life.



    Life is hectic. Everything demands 100% or more, and we want to spring up places and people of restfulness. Our communities will be like an oasis. We believe God calls humanity to be at peace with him, ourselves and each other.



    We want to genrate safe spaces where we can enable ourselves to initiate, explore or deepen our spiritual roots. Through meeting with the person of Jesus we grow our roots deeper and deeper, which allows our lives to flourish and grow fruit.



    We live in a broken world, and we believe that God calls each of us to partner with him to restore ourselves, others and societies structures and values. It is a beautiful thing to see a life or group move from brokenness to wholeness.



    We believe God to be a creative being, and that God has made humanity to be creative. We want to encourage inventiveness, exploration, artistry, poetry, dance, song, and every creative means. We believe artists can be the prophets of todays culture.



    God speaks today, and we need to be listening. God speaks to individuals and groups. God speaks clearly and quickly, and God speaks gently and mysteriously. We want to raise up modern followers of Jesus who find listening to the Spirit of God simple, natural and challenging.



    God is powerful and real. We believe that we should expect God to move in power today - to speak, yes, but also to heal, provide, challenge, and demonstrate himself in as many ways as he sees fit. We want to build communities of people who long for and seek God not simply as a theory, but as a living reality, who is not tame, but is very, very good.

  • Media

    We want to bring the Bible to everyone

    but in language and styles that work for today.

    We're making a series called Re:word. They are short (7-10 min) mini movies re-wording or re-presenting the Bible.

    Here are the 3 most recent, plus a link to the whole bally lot.


    Keep returning here to see more.

    11| Tradition

    Exploring the way a mystical and controversial prophet from the first century spoke about preparing for Jesus, we think about the place of tradition and faith and how the two can to go hand in hand, but often don't make sense without each other.

    10| Destiny

    Inspired by the way Luke (third biographer of Jesus in the New Testament) sets all his pieces in place before introducing Jesus onto the scene, we explore whether there may be a plan for the world, a plan for Jesus, and perhaps even a plan for us!

    9| Root System

    Inspired by a prophecy from Jeremiah (among others) centuries before the common era, there is a root system leading to Jesus which shows that his birth was no accident or coincidence.

  • Re:word link

    To see all the video content we've produced, hit this link. Hope you like them, hope they're inspirational and challenging and beautiful all at the same time.

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