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    31: High Tower

    A fresh re-word in ordinary language. We look forward to the start of Advent (get those calendars ready) by exploring a prophecy given by the spiritual leader "Isaiah", who lived hundreds of years before Jesus. What can this statement have to say to us today?

  • Dramas

    We're slowly creating a library of dramas. Moments from the Bible, captured and delivered dramatically. Click on the video to watch it, or click on the button to find them all.


    We've got quite a large teaching library now, all easy to access, click on the video to watch one, or the link to find them all.


    Slow down with one of our meditations. Click on the video to view one, or on the button to find the lot.


    2000 years ago, a church planter called Paul wrote a letter to a church he'd established in a place called Ephesus. This is that letter divided up into 12 sections and re-worded for today. Click the video to see one, or the button for them all (plus the mammoth full book).

    Supernatural Gifts

    Pioneer looked at how God moves through Christians in supernatural ways. Sometimes called the Spiritual gifts, or the supernatural gifts, this series looks at them all. Click on the video to watch one, or the button to find them all.

    Advent 2019

    Preparing for the coming of Jesus in more ways than one, this mini series of just a few movies explores the various meanings the birth of Jesus brings to the world we live in today.

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