• We left these all over the Island, Christmas 2019!

    Baby Jesus Rocks!

  • How It Works

    So, here's how the game works...


    Find Jesus

    Spot our Baby Jesus Rocks somewhere, pick him up and grab a selfie with the big fella himself!


    Post your photo

    Post your photo by messaging us on our facebook page (there is a link at the bottom).


    Re-hide Jesus

    Take him home, give him some dinner, and listen to where he wants to hide next ... then take him there.



    There was a competition to find Jesus before Christmas day 2019, so you're now too late to win a prize - but you can still join the fun and let us know. 

  • Why are we doing this?

    What's so special about Jesus anyway?

    Choose one or two of these short videos.

    High Tower

    Wouldn't God make himself known to the world in a really obvious way, if he were real?

    Root System

    Where did Jesus come from anyway, and what's that got to do with us, today?


    Could it be that Christmas is actually about God breaking through into our reality, and inviting us to look behind the curtain of reality with him?


    The Christian scriptures talk about God carefully getting everything in place, and Jesus arriving on the scene at exactly the right time and the right place. Could it be that he took the same care over you and I?

  • Post your photos now!

    So if you've found Jesus, click here to post them on the "visitor posts" using our facebook page.

  • Safeguarding

    If you have any questions about safeguarding, head to the home page, where you can find all the details you need to get in touch with our safeguarding officer.